celestial sounds

The Celestial Sounds of The Space Agency

In this world of unknown tomorrows, the future isn't what it used to be and utopias are getting harder to imagine.

From the very beginning of our journey into the infinity of imagination & sound as The Space Agency, it has always been our intention

to transport ourselves and you, our dear listeners, on an exotic quest out of this world to places not known by name or even location.

With music & sounds inspired by places, avian disputes, descriptions of sound, nature, cravings, spicy Eastern foods, other worlds,

euphoria and glittering galaxies of nonsense & stupidity, we are pleased to present to you our first vinyl LP "The Celestial Sounds of The Space Agency".

For this album we have worked tirelessly on our sonic discovery, to create multiple dimensions of psychoactive sounds that are

visible with the ear & audible with the eye, searching for colour frequencies on the vibration spectrum beyond the touch of time.

As you will hear, we are still unable and unwilling to adapt to changing fashions & trends,

choosing instead, impulsive music we enjoy rather than what we hope will make us popular.

We have tried to bring you something that captures a futuristic outlook while at the same time still having

residues of bygone eras and not just something that is simply a nostalgic recreation of the past.

We hope this record will help heighten your mood elevations and make a path to help escape reality, if only for a while.

And on your return to this world we hope our vibrations & pulsations will leave you feeling refreshed,

recharged and ready for another day of more unknown tomorrows, being kind to each other

and all living creatures and remembering that Now is forever.

Track List: Teeside Guitar, Rooftop Rumble, Alpaca Boogie, Teringo, Dawn Chorus, Fuzzy A Go Go,

The Munchies, Bombay Potatoes, Beyond Belief, Silver Haze, The Devil's Saddle, Nees & Pindles

VINYL LP Price £13 each(+ Postage & Packing).

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