S.J (left) & V.F (right)

Vibrasonic was formed in Brighton, England by Simon Jones & Victor Fitch in 1990.

I had been making instrumental home recordings & experimenting with sounds since 1985 & had just

begun studying Indian Classical Music & Sarod with Vajahat Khan.

Victor who I had known for 5 years had been playing in a band called

“The Sound Asleep” & had made a couple of singles with them before they decided to call it a day.


We began recording ideas on my 4 Track cassette machine in January 1990.

The 1st song we recorded together was called “Into Sunshine” & had a suitcase & kitchen items as drums,

Vic singing in a cupboard & me playing Sitar in the bathroom. We recorded a few other tracks that year

which were heard by the owners of Target Records who asked us if we would record an album for their label.


The 1st release was an instrumental track which featured a taped drum track with Vic on Organ & Backwards guitar,

Simon - Theremin & Tremolo guitar. This was released on a flexi disc 7” as Target Records Sampler with 3 other bands from Target label.  

In May 1991 we travelled from Brighton to Norfolk with Drummer Rich Cook to start recording our album

on an 8 Track at friend Darryl Bowers` house for a few days.

Tracks recorded at this time were:


Don’t Leave Me Tired

V. F - Vocals, Fuzz guitar, Slide Guitar, 12 string Vibrato guitar, percussion

S.J – Electric Sitar, Bass Guitar, Tremolo Bass, Tremolo/Wah guitar, Theremin

Rich Cook - Drums


 The Unloved Insane

V.F – Vocals, Percussion, Electric Sitar (at end)

S.J – Sitar, Electric Sitar, Fuzz Vibrato sitar, Bass Guitar, Theremin & Backwards effects.

Darryl Bowers - Vox Organ

Rich Cook - Drums


All That Glitters

(Backing track)

V.F – Bass

S.J – Electric Sitar

Rich Cook – Drums


We returned to Norfolk a few weeks later with drummer friend Rondo Hatton jnr & recorded a few more backing tracks,

One of these being the backing track for Kingsley J with

V.F - Rhythm Guitar

S.J – Bass Guitar

R.H jnr – Drums & Laughs.


Cover of 1st single

Don’t Leave Me Tired & The Unloved Insane were the only tracks we’d finished so Target Records

released rough mixes of these 2 tracks as the 1st VIBRASONIC vinyl 7” single in May 1992.

We parted company with Target soon afterwards so they didn’t get to release an album.

The rest of 1992 was spent making 4 Track recordings & in summer we added some overdubs

at my home to “Kingsley J.” backing track -  Simon - Theremin, Backwards guitars & a Leslie guitar

Vic - Leslie vocal track & organ in middle break.


April 30th 1993 saw the first appearance of VIBRASONIC as a live instrumental band

at the “The Bubblegum Factory” go-go club in Brighton

featuring S.J on guitar & Theremin, V.F - guitar, Tony Riordan - Drums & Rondo Hatton jnr - Bass guitar.


We were approached by Yep! Records later in the year who’d heard some of our demos

& said he’d like to release a single by us. We agreed to let him release “Kingsley J.”

if we could go & add some stuff to it in a studio, we’d heard Toerag in London had some old equipment so we chose

to go there & do it.

We arranged to take my instruments & equipment to Toerag Studios in London

so that Vic could add more vocals & I could add some extra Guitars & Sounds by transferring

the 4 track tapes onto the studios 8 track recorder.

Here we overdubbed V.F – more Leslie & Tremolo vocal tracks, S.J   more Backwards guitars, Sarod (at end) & effects.

After additions we mixed the track & added more echo.

We cut the record at Porkys in London & fed the master tapes through Porkys` tube/valve equipment including 2 “Fairchild Limiters”.


Kingsley J. was released in 1994 with b - side “Blast Off to Splashdown”,

an instrumental recorded by  S.J & Rondo Hatton jnr in 1986, with Theremin & Astronaut effects added later.

V.F (left), S.J (right) 1994


We returned to Toerag Studios in summer 1994 for 1 month, taking almost the entire contents of my apartment which included

Sitar, Sarod, Oscillators, String Organ, Reverb/Tremolo Units, Fuzz Pedals, Echo’s, Tape Machines, Guitars & Amps.

We also took with us Drummer Tony Riordan with whom we recorded “The Sea of Stars”, “Tijuana Marijuana” & “The Twango”.

A performance of Vibrasonic “Tijuana Marijuana” was filmed & shown by BBC News for a report on old ways of recording.


Tracks recorded & mixed in Toerag Studios were

The Sea of Stars

S. J – Lead guitar, Backwards guitars, Fuzz guitars, Theremin, Tremolo Bass, Leslie Drums (in middle), effects.

V.F – Rhythm guitar, Twang guitar (after middle break on last verse), percussion.

Tony Riordan – Drums

Ed “ShadoogieDeegan – Bass Guitar

Tijuana Marijuana

S.J – Lead echo guitar,Leslie guitar, Tambourine

V.F – Accoustic rhythm guitar, Bass guitar, Castanets

Tony Riordan - Drums


The Perpetual Motion Machine

V.F – Vocals, Bass guitar, Keyboards,

S.J – Lead guitar, Theremin, Backwards/Forwards effects  

Malcolm Catto - Drums


All That Glitters

V.F – Lead Vocals, Organ, Bass guitar, Leslie Kazzoo

S.J – Sitar,F/wds & B/wds Tremolo guitars, Tablas, Theremin, Leslie Kazzoo

Malcolm Catto – Drums

Sexton Ming – vocals



V.F – Vocals, Organ, Accoustic Guitar (Lead in Eastern Middle bit), F/wds lead in guitar break, Percussion. 

S.J – Sitar, Sarod, Drums, Bass guitar, Cymbals, B/wds Guitar, Leslie lead guitar (at end).

David Kraft – Strings

Liam Watson - Drums


The Twango

V.F – Lead guitars,Percussion

S.J – Leslie guitar. Accoustic rhythm guitar, Bass guitar,Tambourine

Tony Riordan - Drums


Back in Brighton home 4 Track recordings were mixed & edited in-between the 6 Toerag tracks

& a live track “Surfin`Secret Agent a Go- Go  recorded in summer 1993 was added featuring -

S. J – Lead Reverb guitar

V. F – Rhythm guitar

Neil Palmer - bass guitar

Laurence Arnold – Drums


The tracks Don’t Leave Me Tired & The Unloved Insane were added to complete the album & it was released in March 1995,

CD version featured “Kingsley J.” as a bonus track.

We cut the vinyl album at Porkys again so we could put it through his equipment, all vinyl albums included a free Locked Groove with every copy.


Hope this information is helpful & answers some of the questions people have been asking.

I`ll get round to more recording details soon so stay tuned. Simon Jones 2006

VIBRASONIC 1st Album Cover 1995